The Junior Section of the club is active at all levels and ages. Lessons cater for ages 4 up to late teens, with the children being taught depending on ability. During the warmer weather, we hold additional coaching sessions for the younger groups, along with free sessions for junior members when a coach is in attendance to give help and advice. Older juniors are welcome to join the adult club sessions and so are given lots of opportunity to improve their game and to gain experience at adult level.

During the school holidays our coaches hold tennis camps for all aged children. Different ball skills are taught during these sessions in order to improve eye/hand co-ordination.

Many of our juniors have been members since a very young age and continue to meet up and play with their fellow members. Once over the age of 12 juniors are welcome to attend the club without an adult, and gain much independence and confidence.

Saturday 5th November Junior doubles tournament : 1230 start

If you have any questions regarding the junior section, please contact